Salvatore Di Loro


Project and Task Management.
More than 10 years of experience on Web Application designing and developing.
Java SE and Java EE team leading.

I’m truly passionate about computer science.
[I started programming when i was 11 and cut my teeth on Basic (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, my first computer), GW-BASIC, Pascal and Clipper]

I learned that working group communication, knowledge sharing, teamworking well as professionalism and passion are key for the success of projects and so I daily try to do my utmost in order to implement them.

I really appreciate the benefits of open source solutions, paying attention to the evaluation of qualitative aspects of the single product, like community support, maturity level, activity, benefits, etc. and when applicable, I preferably use them on various phases of software development life cycle (configuration management tools, IDE tools, frameworks, toolkit, libraries, application server, …).


– Team Leader
– Team Player
– Web Application design and development
– Rich Internet Application frameworks (GWT, SmartGWT, …)
– Java Standard and Enterprise Technologies (JSE, JEE)
– JEE Application design, architecture and development
– Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns
– XML technologies (DOM, XPATH, XSLT, JAXP, JAXB, …)
– Open-source solutions scouting and integration



Twitter @sdiloro